Before Blackroom was created, it was a nameless idea in my head, a goal I was striving for since 8th grade. The timeline was unknown, I just knew that I wanted something special and I wanted to share it with like minded people. After 8 years of ups and downs working in Boston, the idea started to shift into reality. I didn’t know at the start how important this space would become. It’s more than a salon. It’s a hair home for my team and our clients.

It’s safe to say the uptight, unapproachable salon environment we are all familiar with is old news, it was time for an industry upgrade. Blackroom got its name from a little brainstorming and the notion that you can put any number of people in a pitch black room and it doesn’t matter what your gender, age, race or sexual preference is. You’re a human and we are all the same and everyone deserves to be treated the same. We are non judgmental and don’t discriminate.This is why we have decided to have time based neutral pricing, because the cost of your hair shouldn’t be determined by your gender.

Our team is well educated, passionate and selectively chosen. We just want to be ourselves, give you amazing hair and laugh a little in the process. We are located the historic South End neighborhood and we hope to be your next stop.

-Sam Kane, Owner and Stylist




When I get behind my chair, I am given the trust to create something customized for my client. They trust my expertise. my creativity, my suggestions, and my vision. My job creating haircuts extends beyond the physical aspect of slowly snipping away hair strands and reforming them into a new look. I get to build relationships with my clients and give them confidence. I cut all types of hair but I would say I specialize in hair above the shoulders (fades, pixies, bobs, bangs)

Hair is my career and hobby but when I’m not in the salon or working on a photoshoot I’m hanging with my amazing friends, my two cats (Sleazie and Bones) or going to antique and thrift shops!!!  Heres some random facts about me: My favorite color is yellow, I love bread, cheese and red wine. I love  to play cribbage, card games and listen to true crime podcasts or documentaries. 



I’ve had a passion for hair since high school, deciding to pursue it professionally in 2011. I moved to Boston in 2012 to start my career, with a main focus in haircutting. What I enjoy about cutting hair is finding a balance of creativity and technical skill, and having a really diverse range of clientele. Being able to uniquely craft a style for each client that is not only suitable but makes them feel the most like themself is something I really love. Education, and constantly furthering my skills is super important to me. Most recently, I’ve trained with the Allilon cutting team.

When I’m not behind the chair, I’m into traveling, art, music and good food.



I’m a total color nerd! My favorite thing about doing hair is being able to change the way people view themselves. Over the years I’ve definitely refined my skills and focused on the areas that I am most confident in. I love a single process as much as I love a crazy color correction. Even though hair color is temporary, the impact it leaves on each person is permanent and that’s so important to me. 

When i’m not doing hair I try to spend as much time as possible with my friends or my cat JonBenet. I’m also a true crime addict and I will never run out of things to talk about. I guess all we can do is try to be happy and doing hair is my happy place. 



I have been in this industry for 6 years and have worked at a top tier salon in Boston for over 3 years. I specialize in cutting and styling hair. My favorite looks to create are mid to longer lengths with a textured lived in look. My true passion is styling hair, whether for a wedding or a day to day look. I think continuing education is the key to being a successful stylist so I love to attend styling and cutting classes as well as hair shows. 

I’m so proud to work our chosen product line Evo, a cruelty free and vegan product line. I find this super important because I love animals and I am vegan myself. When I’m not at the salon you can find me hanging out with my dog Ringo, out to eat, or in the gym!



I became obsessed with eyebrows and make up in my first year of college. I took a makeup lesson at my former salon and fell in love with makeup right then and there. I knew I needed to start my aesthetician journey to become a makeup artist and brow sculptor. 

There is nothing more fitting than a pair of perfectly sculpted brows! Brows frame the face and no makeup look is complete without a beautiful set of brows! Speaking of brows... Frida Kahlo is one of my biggest brow inspirations of all time. Though she’s most well know for her thick unibrow, she’s a painter first and foremost. Her brush strokes and art have amazed me. And just like Frida, I like to call myself an artist. The face is my medium. 

I whole heartedly love art, of any kind, of any form. Whether it be a painting on a canvas, graffiti on a building or the penciling of eyebrows, I love it. Between eyebrows and makeup my life revolves around some sort of art every single day and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

I am a huge home body and love my family and friends with all my heart. On any given weekend you can find me at the bowling alley, the aquarium or on my couch watching documentaries.  Another thing I am extremely passionate about is breaking the stigma about mental health. I think everyone should be educated as best they can, just like most people are with physical health. BOTH just as important as the next. 

I am very excited to start this journey with an amazing group of talented women whom I get the privilege to call my friends.